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Serious Games Asia is a community of serious games partners in Asia. Our community includes healthcare practitioners, educators, corporate human resource managers, marketers, game developers, apps developers, game publishers, technologist & academic researchers. The main role of the Serious Games Asia is to provide the bridge to link between the subject-matter-experts community (healthcare practitioners, educators, corporate trainers) with the technology community (game developers, apps developers, 3D graphic artist) and ultimately with the users of the solutions (outcome). More about Serious Games Asia 


ACCESS Health International is a nonprofit think tank, advisory group, and knowledge and implementation partner to governments and the private sector. One of their programs is called Modern Aging. Modern Aging is a business accelerator designed to facilitate the creation of new businesses that meet the needs of elders and their caregivers. Through their work on public-private partnerships, ACCESS Health builds on the strength of each sector to identify new models for affordable, high quality healthcare.