Malaysia ~ a nation rich in culture and talent, gripped with a desire to transform and succeed in realising a vision. A vision that promises inclusiveness, growth, resilience and confidence. This promise will be our greatest inheritance. It will push us forward even when the path is uncertain. It binds us together in spite of our cultural differences. It enables us to compete. It leads immigrants to cross the oceans and fix their eyes on that better place around the bend.

The narratives are not about the government solving all our problems. It cannot but what it should do is what we cannot do for ourselves – protect the sanctity and security of this nation; to provide every child a decent education; keep our waters clean; invest in new schools and new roads; provide convenience and accessibility to world class amenities.

Explore the real facets and first hand narratives of Malaysians who have pursued their individual dreams but still come together as one. Join us as we traverse the landscape of Malaysia’s transformational journey, from the grand capital to the smallest rural township.

“There is strength in the differences amongst the diversity of culture within our nation. Where we overlap is the core to remaining resolute, staying the course and being committed to seeing this programme to its completion in 2020.” – Dato’ Sri Idris Jala, Chief Executive Officer of PEMANDU

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