Serious Games Asia

The birth of Serious Games Asia started with the formation of the Serious Games Association (Singapore) in the Year 2012. A group of academics from the National University of Singapore and a several games developers came together to officially register the association in Singapore.

The Serious Games Association (Singapore) organised the 1st Serious Games Conference in 2012 itself. It was a successful event bringing participants (academics and industry players) from the regional countries. In 2012, Serious Games Association (Singapore) formally establish affiliation to the Serious Games Association USA lead by Ms. Sue Bohle. In the same year, David Wortley, ex-founder of Serious Games Institute, UK and Ms Sue Bohle, founder of SGA, USA became honorary members of the Serious Games Association (Singapore).

Similar to a growing up teenager, Serious Games Association (Singapore) was struggling as a newly established organisation. Fortunately, with the leadership provided by Mr Christopher Quek (2013-2014) and Mrs Srividya Maliwal (2014-2015), Serious Games Association (Singapore) was able to establish its place in the Games Industry in Singapore.

In August 2015, Mr Ivan Boo took over the leadership of Serious Games Association (Singapore) and mooted for the formation of a larger community with our Asia partners calling it the Society of Serious Games Asia. The first partner that came on board was UPSI from Malaysia. Our purpose is to promote the use of gamification, development of smart applications and advancing technology in Asia.

The rest of our Asian partners started to join in. SSGA was finally established in February 2016 as a body representing the community of serious games societies here in Asia.