Global HIT Challenge 2017

Level Up Innovation with Technology

The Global HIT Challenge 2017 is the inaugural international competition platform for the different Asian countries’ participants to pit their best innovative ideas in healthcare and wellness against each other.

This year’s Global HIT Challenge 2017 will be held on the 19 September 2017 in conjunction with the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology, SWITCH 2017 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore. SGInnovate is the organizer for this year’s Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology, SWITCH, Sep 18-20 at Marina Bay Sands, comprising conferences, challenges, exhibits and more.

Global HIT Challenge 2017

(in conjunction with SWITCH 2017)

Sands Expo & Convention Center, Singapore

19TH SEP 2017

9.00AM – 6.00PM

The Global HIT Challenge 2017 will bring healthcare practitioners, technologist, business experts, researchers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines to pitch their healthcare related innovations against each other on one platform.

One winner from the Global HIT Challenge 2017 will move into SLINGSHOT@SWITCH 2017 powered by Startup SG, an initiative of SPRING Singapore. This is a platform for innovators to showcase their technology and business ideas to gain early exposure to investors, corporates, industry leaders, mentors, media, and tech-savvy early adopters.

While you are coming for Global HIT Challenge 2017, participants will also be able to attend the SWITCH events which includes: (1) Slush Singapore, (2) TECHINNOVATION, & (3) SLINGSHOT@SWITCH