Team 20: Fazila Abu Bakar Aloweni, Lim Mei Ling
Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

If inadequate pressure is not maintained, the patient will not benefit from the compression therapy. This will lead to longer healing time and also costly and inconvenient for patients who had to come back every week for the change of bandage.

We need an equipment or a tool that can measure intra layer pressure that could provide a visual feedback that the right pressure is delivered and maintained. A visual feedback is important because it will allow the patient to do self-monitoring and when the pressure is inadequate i.e. not at a therapeutic level, they could make early arrangement for the bandage to be reapplied. In this way the efficacy of the compression therapy would be achieved. We also need the equipment to be small and light so it does not add weight or pressure on the dressing. Most importantly, the equipment is durable to be re-usable for single patient use and can be clean with a disinfected wipe at every change of bandage.

Beside that it would also be useful for the nurses to know that the pressure is at a therapeutic level. Currently the nurses applied the 4-layer bandage according to subjective instructions i.e. following figure eight and only an inch to be overlapped between figure eight. We need a more objective measurement to know that the bandage is applying the right amount of pressure consistently for every patient. As mentioned earlier, pressure that is too high may affect microcirculation and pressure too little will defeat its purpose.