Team 16: Neo Hong Jye, Fadzilah Kamsin, Tiong Hui Fen 
National University Healthcare System, Singapore

Children having a phobia of new environment. This is especially true when they come to the hospital or the operation theatre. Often, due to the strange environment that they are exposed to, they become extremely afraid, cry incessantly and are unable to cooperate for anaesthesia.

We would like to ease the induction of anaesthesia for children coming for anaesthesia in the operation theatre. Often the sights of the machines and operation lights is enough to induce severe anxiety. In addition, children are placed under anaesthesia using inhaled medication to avoid the need for placement of intravenous lines. We would like to develop a game using Virtual Reality technology that simulates diving in the sea. This would provide a distraction to patients when they enter the operation theatre. In order to facilitate interaction with the VR underwater environment, we would like the patients to have a diving facemask where they can inhale and exhale from. This mask would be connected to a flow meter. With a good air flow reading from the mask, this would create interactions with the sea environment and appearance of various cute sea creatures like fishes, octopus and starfishes.

Unknown to the patient, the breathing movement of the patient while playing in the VR environment would induce anaesthesia as the mask can be connected to the anaesthesia delivery machine. We hope to locate a support partner that is able create a VR under the sea environment. The VR headset should also be able to fit children from the age of 2 to 10 years of age. At the same time we would need to facilitate interaction with the environment with use of a flow meter.