About the Company

DynaOptics is a cutting-edge miniature optics start-up founded in 2012, with licensed technology from NUS. We have raised over S$4M from angel investors and funds, are revenue- positive, and have a strong IP portfolio consisting of trade secrets and multiple patents, both issued and pending, in 6 countries. We are headquartered in Singapore, and also have a presence in the Silicon Valley area of California.  Our 16-strong team comprises domain and industry experts from Nokia, LG Electronics, Logitech, Heptagon, and Foxconn, as well as PhDs from the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Zhejiang University, and National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. Recently, we successfully funded our first product, OOWA – mobile photography’s highest-quality lens attachment, on Kickstarter, and are in the process of incorporating our unique technology into other product categories like surveillance / drone cameras and action cameras.


About the product

 Our wide-angle, low-aberration camera (WALA Cam) is the world’s first imaging system to achieve a high field-of-view, low-distortion performance specification — without software modifications and at a very competitive price point . This is possible thanks to our free-form technology. The benefits of the WALA Cam are at least three-fold: 1. A wider field-of-view means more can be seen with a single camera. E.g.see more in an endoscope; 2. WALA Cam does not require a special software to correct image distortions. This means easier and quicker image recognition without resolution loss; 3. These two points combined allows high-quality images to be produced with lower processing power. Less hardware and software are needed – this helps businesses and users save costs.