About the Company

FoodRazor helps Food and Beverage outlets streamline the procurement process from their suppliers. We integrate existing processes into a ready-made software that can be adapted to establishments of various sizes, and operations ranging from 1 to 100 outlets.

FoodRazor allows procurement managers to make orders and discover new ingredients with a few simple clicks, saving them hours every week. The platform also stores digital copies of all invoices and allow detailed reports to be exported for accounting and monitoring purposes.

About the product

  1. Order Processing and Delivery Schedule: Outlets will be able to browse through ingredients and make orders to all their existing suppliers through the FoodRazor platform. A delivery schedule informs outlets of the deliveries expected for the day.
  2. Invoice Management: Past invoices will be stored electronically on the platform for easy monitoring of past purchases and price fluctuations of individual ingredients.
  3. Reports : Access to different reports (individual outlet and/or group) with real-time data that will be helpful in making business decisions and resource allocation. Some examples include; Spending by individual product and supplier, quantity and value by supplier (specific period), product price changes and total purchase orders sent.
  4. Dashboard analytics : A real-time dashboard will give detailed insights into spending patterns across all/individual outlets. Examples include; current month spending, % compared to previous month’s spending, top ingredient spending, spending breakdown by supplier and outlets, ingredient price changes.
  5. Inventory management : Keeping track of food costs and total asset value is a tedious process. Our inventory management module allows managers to do that with ease, with the most up-to-date product prices pulled automatically from our system.
  6. Ordering control : To ensure control, admin users can customize the spending limits and purchasing access to individual products and/or suppliers for each outlet.